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Succesful national comeback for Wipsy vh Heihof!


It has been quiet around Delphine for some time. After Wipsy vh Heihof's illness last year, we decided to take things slowly regarding his revalidation and training, to be sure Delphine's top horse would be superfit when he would come back. The calmer winter period was perfect to work towards this comeback behind the scenes.


The week-end of 11 and 12 April was the chosen time for Delphine to start her Flemmingh son for the first time succesfully. Our combination obtained a nice second place with a score of 65.833%, just behind the winner (66.100%).

The week after that, Delphine and Wipsy rode at the national competition of Massenhoven, another success: they obtained 66,160% and the third place.

 Last Sunday, our combination beat their own score and won the national GP of Schilde with 71,50%!


Delphine can look back happily to both her comeback with Wipsy and the results of her pupils: "Wipsy gives me such a good feeling, he is even better than he was before his revalidation. Judges and public agree also gave me nothing but positive feedback about Wipsy's shape during these first few competitions. I have to finetune some more and get used to the competition rythm again, but that's just a matter of getting back into it. I am fully focused on the horses and my competition comeback, Sir Donovan is also doing great in training and will soon be ready for the competition."

"May I also say that I am super proud of my pupils, among whom Charlotte Bertels with Valentino vd Bosweg (juniors), Noa Joossen and Falco (ponies) and Kristel Dielis who always end in the top three in the highest classes. Great work!"


Author: Kim Schoukens
Copyright photo: Chris Coessens

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